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Our investment philosphy at Creekside is simple, no limits. There is no absolute right way to invest. That is why we consider various approaches in different financial asset categories, both technical and fundamental. For our stock portfolio, we see the merit in ensuring a business has sound fundamentals that can whether the storm of market downturns. However, this doesn’t mean we are interested in catching falling knives. We also see the merit in investigating market psychology through technical analysis so we can further understand where we currently sit in the natural economic cycle.

With that said, we do stick to a set of guidelines in a market that we our research has shown will lead us to outsized returns relative to the broad market. And that is through a thorough search for companies with a market cap of 100 million or less, with strong financials who may have been forgotten but are in transition periods. Catching companies with these characteristics at accumulation phases before eventual markups has been proven time and time again to be a great source for building long term wealth.

We supplement our search for more risk-on, contrarian bets with investments that will always leave us a stable return on investment. This would traditionally be through the bond market but we believe nothing is more essential for economic prosperity than stable housing. That is why we invest heavily into multi-unit residential real estate. No matter the current market cycle trend, we will always seek opportunities to provide affordable housing in the southern California region.

Investing is a challenge of one’s temperament over one’s intellect and our family works deeply to challenge our emotional biases to make the best decisions possible. We invest alongside our clients, we believe in having skin in the game, and we have been humbled in the process.

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